Angling from Royal Quays Marina

With its all tide 24 hr access and close proximity to the entrance of the River Tyne, Royal Quays Marina is the ideal base for any boat angler looking to fish the north east coast between Berwick to the north and south to Whitby.

We are keen to support boat angling and the marina has a sizable fleet of boats which are used for this purpose. We run a big fish competition which runs throughout the summer season exclusively for our berth holders, which offers a generous prize of a £100 fuel voucher for the winner. In addition the marina hosts three of the regions premier boat angling competitions, in which you can try your hand. Our resident vessels tend to predominate.

Whatever the size of your vessel the local coastline can offer some excellent sport. Although fish are caught all year round the main season usually starts off in April with Cod as the main target. These can sometimes be caught in large number not very far from the river mouth. Most of the boats can be seen drifting over rocky ground not more than a mile offshore around St Mary's Island to the north or off Souter Point to the south. Cod in the 3lb-10lb region will take a variety of live and artificial baits. A popular and effective method over the past few years has been to use daylights tipped with ragworm. Given a decent forecast it is well worth a trip up to Church Point off Newbiggin by the Sea where a good day's sport can be had drifting in between the pot dans.

As May comes to an end the Mackerel turn up in huge numbers and it doesn't take long to fill your bucket using a set of mackerel feathers jigged at different depths anywhere you see seagulls gathering on the surface to feed on sand eels and sprat. Why not try some light spinning tackle or even a fly rod and have some fun well into October when the mackerel will start to disappear.

The arrival of the mackerel also starts off the summer wreck fishing season with the angler pitting their wits against some of the monsters lurking in the depths of the hundreds of wrecks which litter the sea bed from close inshore up to 50 miles off. It is not unusual for Cod and Ling to be weighed in over 20lb and some even up to 30lb.The most productive method to catch them is to bait large hokais with some of the fresh mackerel you have caught on the way out, and to slowly bounce over the wreck. Alternatively just a ripper "jigged quickly" could entice a big take. In recent years anglers have found that a long flowing trace of about 10ft with a shad lure on the end has produced some quality fish when retrieved slowly over the wrecks. The red versions of these seem to attract the hard fighting Pollock, some well into double figures.

Other species anglers would expect to catch throughout the year are Whiting, Wrasse, Pouting and the occasional haddock or flatfish. Keeping in touch with other boat owners in the marina to exchange tips and tactics also helps to improve your chances of having a good day.

Can we remind anglers to have thought for the conservation of future stocks, by only killing fish which you are going to eat or use as bait and to observe size limits. Also please do not throw litter overboard, but bring it back ashore to put in the marina waste bins.

Help and advice (as well as bait and tackle supplies) can be obtained from local dealers. Try Billy's Tackle in North Shields (0191 2596262), or Fraser's Tackle in Whitley Bay (0191 2526017)

Enjoy your sport!