The Goddess Dione returns

The Goddess Dione returns

The racing yacht Dione which was built in 1924 was relaunched at a ceremony at Rhu Marina in late July and will rejoin the fleet of 16 Gareloch One Designs (GODs) sailing and racing on the Gareloch. Amazingly it was the first time for nearly 35 years that Dione had been afloat. Most of the GODs are named after Greek Goddesses.
The Gareloch One Design Association acquired her with a view to restoring her in 2014. At the time she was in bits, but had been under cover since the late 1990's. Retired Royal Navy engineer Bill McLaren stepped forward and volunteered to lead the work and he enlisted the help of his cousin, Tim Henderson, also a former Gareloch owner. Between them they put in most of the 1500 hours involved, but the local sailing community also made a massive contribution with their labour, technical expertise, spare parts and equipment.
With the relaunch of Dione all 16 GODs, built by McGruers in nearby Clynder in the 1920's, have now been reunited.



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