Safe Havens

Safe Havens

Most Quay Marinas are located within sheltered basins or docks which are protected from wind, seas and excessive tide by breakwaters, sea walls and tidal gates.

Vessels are provided with pontoon berths which are well maintained by trained staff and specialist contractors. Our focus is to make sure that our customers' boats are well looked after, particularly during their absence, therefore pontoons are regularly patrolled, day and night by our staff and where necessary action is taken to secure boats and inform owners if there are any problems.

Pontoon systems are secured as far as is practically possible with access controlled bridge head gates, CCTV and lighting.

Customers are generally provided with their own personal access key 'fob' in order to restrict marina facilities to authorised users only. Berth holders' safety is a prime concern, and all marinas carry comprehensive safety signage and set out site safety requirements and procedures within the marina handbooks each year. Particular attention is drawn to safety equipment and 'fire drill'. The location of safety equipment is highlighted within the marina handbooks.

Behind the scenes, Quay Marinas work to a structured Health and Safety Policy which all staff are required to understand. This covers all aspects of marina operations including the 'risk assessment' of day to day activities which affect customers, third party contractors, marina equipment and staff. Emergency procedures are clearly documented and highlighted regularly at staff meetings.

In addition Quay Marinas is committed to makingĀ our marinas safe and sustainable environmental locations for our customers and their boats. 'Good practice' is brought to our customers' attention through the environmental sections of the web site and handbooks, and our company also endorse the British Marine Federation Green/Blue initiative. Where possible we make it practical for customers to dispose of waste easily and safely, and in addition to this we actively and vigorously police bad practice such as littering, dog fouling and pumping of bilges. In extreme circumstances we reserve the right to ask customers to leave if they are harming the environment which we all enjoy so much.