Health & Safety

Health & Safety

When visiting please make sure that you familiarise yourself with safety information highlighted within the marina handbook, and the location of safety equipment which is identified on the 'marina plan.' The plan is shown in the marina handbook, and on site signage. Please remember that safety awareness and caution do not only apply to the marina's pontoons, they are equally important ashore, particularly within potentially hazardous areas such as boatyards and car parks.

If you have any question regarding safety at the marina, or wish to report a hazardous situation or equipment failure , please make sure that you notify a member of the marina staff. We would far prefer that you report something which turn out to be harmless, rather than leave it to chance. Any items reported will be dealt with by our staff in accordance with the Quay Marinas Health & Safety Policy and Procedures. The marina manager will always be notified and he is required to act on any reported item.

We must draw our customers' attention to the danger of consuming alcohol at marinas. It is an unfortunate fact that the majority of serious accidents and injuries which occur at marinas involve persons under the influence of alcohol.

We would ask customers to pay particular attention to:

  • Slippery surfaces and steep inclines (particularly in cold and wet weather).
  • Navigation and passing other vessels, particularly close to locks or tidal flap gates.
  • Safe use of pontoon electrical sockets - please do not sail off when you are still connected to shore power!
  • Marina boatyard and boat hoist dock - please observe staff instructions and signage, particularly during boat lifting and chocking operations.
  • Fuel pontoon - strictly observe safety instructions.
  • Commercial vessel activities and navigation.
  • Small craft activities and navigation (large vessels take note and care of small vessels!)
  • Pontoon SOS stations and safety ladders - familiarise yourself with where they are and how to use them.
  • Fire - observe notices and familiarise yourself with the fire drill - do not barbecue aboard your boat or on the pontoons.
  • Pets and children - keep under control and make sure that young children wear life jackets! Dogs should be kept on leads when on the pontoons.
  • Injury - contact a member of marina staff immediately. (VHF Radio, marina office telephone or duty berthing master - mobile). Berthing Masters are trained first aiders but will, in almost all circumstances, call for medical assistance. A first aid kit is carried at the marina office.

Details are set out within the marina handbook, and any 'notices to mariners' are posted at each marina.