Quay Marinas are committed to encourage and promote environmental awareness at all its marinas.

Please consider the needs of the environment for the good of all by:

Be aware of Wildlife -

Shoreline habitats support a huge variety of species that can be vulnerable to disturbance. Reduce your speed and check your wash in sensitive areas.

Don't be a noisy neighbour -

Roaring engines, flapping halyards, loud music can disturb other users of the marina and nearby residents. Do what you can to reduce noise pollution to a minimum.

Overboard is out -

Litter spoils the appearance of the marina and harms the environment. Bag your rubbish and dispose of it in the marina bins. It is an offence under the Merchant Shipping (Prevention of Pollution by Garbage) Regulations 1988 to dump rubbish at sea.

Don't flush -

Untreated sewage from vessels is unsightly and a health hazard to other water users. Don't pollute the marina environment. Use the shore facilities whenever possible.

Maintain your motor -

By regularly servicing your mechanical equipment your vessel's efficiency will be optimised. This will save engine emissions, engine noise and reduce fuel bills.

Don't pollute the water -

Drips and spillages have a serious cumulative effect on the marine environment. Portable fuel tanks and spare fuel containers should be filled away from the water's edge, don't overfill tanks. Provide drip trays and absorbent material. Dispose of used engine oil within the waste oil tanks in the marina.

Paint a pretty picture -

Take care with anti-fouling. Ensure that anti-fouling scrapings are swept up and disposed of. Try not to allow them to enter the water. Where possible use products that are biodegradable, phosphate and chlorine free.

Recycle if you can -

Use your nearest recycling facility if possible. The marinas maintain facilities for recycling waste oil, batteries and gas bottles.

Further environmental guidance is available via the joint Royal Yachting Association/British Marine Industry environmental awareness guide, the 'Green Blue' initiative.